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Books I Have Neglected

A little while ago, I wrote a post about the books I will probably never read (unless I break a leg or something, in which case I might give them a try).  I also have a list of other books which have been sitting on my shelves for months or years which I really do plan to read.  My good excuse is that I have been trying to make the most out university libraries which I will only have access to until the end of September so my official reading list and my Kindle have been neglected for a very long time.  My poor excuse is that I am also a pretty terrible procrastinator even when it comes  to getting round to things I enjoy like reading.

Books I Have Neglected

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The Devil in the Flesh by Raymond Radiguet

The Devil in the Flesh‘The Devil in the Flesh’ by Raymond Radiguet tells the semi-autobiographical story of an unnamed narrator who begins a tumultuous love affair at the age of 16 with Marthe, a 19 year old married woman whose husband is away fighting at the front during the First World War.  The affair is soon discovered by their families and friends.  Naturally, tragedy ensues. Continue reading

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian GrayI have been meaning to read ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ for absolutely ages – as I’ve mentioned, I find it easy to take classic literature for granted, knowing that it will always be easily available especially in electronic format, so it tends to get pushed down to the bottom of my TBR list.  ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ should have been bumped up to the top of my list sooner.  The novel tells the story of a young man named Dorian Gray, who has a portrait painted of him by Basil Hallward.  Dorian meets Basil’s friend, Lord Henry (Harry) Wotton, who believes that youth and beauty are the only things which really matter in the world and Dorian subsequently becomes heavily influenced by his ideas about aestheticism.  However, the story takes a sinister turn when Dorian makes a wish that only his portrait should age and wither while he would look young forever, thus selling his soul for eternal youth.  As you can imagine, the moral of the story is something along the lines of ‘be careful what you wish for’… Continue reading


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Dracula by Bram Stoker

I had planned to read ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker when I was studying ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley at school but never got round to it.  This chilling story begins with a young lawyer called Jonathan Harker visiting Count Dracula in Transylvania to conclude a real estate investment only to find he is effectively a prisoner at his castle.  He survives his ordeal but the nightmare does not end there – several strange events are occurring back in England involving Jonathan’s fiancée Mina and her friend Lucy.  It is up to Doctor Van Helsing to try and stop Dracula before it is too late… Continue reading


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