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The Burning Girl by Claire Messud

The Burning Girl Claire Messud‘The Burning Girl’ by Claire Messud tells the story of Julia Robinson and her friendship with Cassie Burnes during their childhood growing up in the small Massachusetts town of Royston. After meeting at nursery, they are inseparable throughout school but looking back years later, Julia remembers the circumstances which led to them drifting apart. Continue reading


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The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

The Woman UpstairsLast summer, I read ‘The Last Life‘ by Claire Messud but gave it a mixed review.  I had expected a character-driven novel about French-Americans to be something I would really enjoy.  However, I didn’t really get on with it and I wanted to try Messud’s latest novel, ‘The Woman Upstairs’, so I could find out whether it was just that particular book which wasn’t for me or her work in general. Continue reading


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The Last Life by Claire Messud

‘The Last Life’ by Claire Messud is a coming-of-age story set in the early 1990s about Sagesse LaBasse, a French-American girl whose family own a hotel in the south of France which was opened by her grandfather after he emigrated from Algeria.  The story follows Sagesse as she explores her multiple identities and comes to terms with the events of the past. Continue reading


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