London 2012: Olympic Opening Ceremony

I live not too far from Stratford (about fifteen miles away, in fact) and I have been really looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympic Games for what feels like absolutely ages.  I was definitely not disappointed.  Right from the beginning, it was clear that the direction of the ceremony was in safe hands with Danny Boyle at the helm.  What a show!

Source: The Guardian website

There were so many highlights. Kenneth Branagh looked like he was having a brilliant time as Isambard Kingdom Brunel as part of the sequence representing the Industrial Revolution.  The NHS tribute was hopefully a helpful reminder to Mitt Romney and all other Republicans that socialism isn’t totally evil.  The inclusion of Mr Bean was also an inspired choice given that he is universally understood by everyone.  However, the biggest surprise has got to be the appearance of none other than Her Majesty The Queen herself with Daniel Craig as James Bond making their way to the Opening Ceremony…  nobody could have predicted that!

As for Mitt Romney’s exceptionally unhelpful comments about the Olympics this week… someone needs to give Mitt the Twit a lesson in basic diplomacy and common sense.  I am no fan of David Cameron but he certainly had a point when he said this week that it is far easier to organise the Olympic Games when they are based in the middle of nowhere in Utah. East London on the other hand is definitely not in the middle of nowhere.  It is true that the public have had their concerns about security and transport.  Particularly over the last few weeks, it has seemed like some of the supposedly fictional problems depicted in the brilliant sitcom ‘Twenty Twelve’ were starting to become true (the countdown clock not working, the lost bus in the Games lanes, bringing the troops in to deal with security).  Lots of people have been cynical about the Games but it was the same with the Royal Wedding last year – everybody moaned about it and then on the actual day the atmosphere was brilliant.  The same thing has happened with the Olympics.  Now that the Games have started, people will probably worry less about all of the logistical issues and just generally get on with things hopefully.

Someone needs to give Danny Boyle a knighthood asap.  Your move, Rio……


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3 responses to “London 2012: Olympic Opening Ceremony

  1. I’m just watching the opening now on Sky Sport. Couldn’t stay up to watch it Live. Looking forward to see what London has to offer for the Ceremony.


  2. I don’t live very far from Stratford either. I could actually hear the fireworks at the end of the show from my bed. I’d given up on watching it live and had tucked myself up with a book. It sounded like a huge explosion and it literally went on for about 2 minutes. I heard screams, but couldn’t be bothered to turn the television back on.
    I think Danny Boyle did a fine job, apart from some rather comical moments with shepherds. I wasn’t sure how he was going to manage taking us through the Industrial Revolution and to modern times, but it kind of worked. I did feel like it could do with a bit of an edit, though. Who wants to stay up well past midnight to watch the climax? I lost the will after the countries started marching.


  3. It was spectacular but felt a bit bonkers at times. The green and pleasant land at the beginning worked far better than I expected and the creation of the rings from molten ‘steel’ was inspiring. the moment where the young athletes of the future lit the torch was a wonderful gesture as well as beautiful. I loved the humour too. What I thought was bizarre was the NHS component with kids who were supposed to be sick, able to bounce up and down on beds. How did we get from that to Mary Poppins??


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