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Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

Despite the title, the cover art and the general subject matter, ‘Fever Pitch’ by Nick Hornby isn’t really about football itself.  It is more about the consumption of football, the obsession of a fan – in this case, an Arsenal supporter – cleverly interwoven with a more general autobiography of Hornby’s life.  Consequently, ‘Fever Pitch’ can be read and enjoyed by people like myself who are not necessarily football or sports fans and might lead you a little bit closer to what people actually see in football and why they choose to devote a huge part of their lives to following it.

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London 2012: Olympic Opening Ceremony

I live not too far from Stratford (about fifteen miles away, in fact) and I have been really looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympic Games for what feels like absolutely ages.  I was definitely not disappointed.  Right from the beginning, it was clear that the direction of the ceremony was in safe hands with Danny Boyle at the helm.  What a show!

Source: The Guardian website

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