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After the madness of being Freshly Pressed two weeks ago, my post ‘The Rise of eBooks: evil or essential?‘ has now been featured in the Daily Post!  It is quite funny reading an analysis of how I managed to make my post Freshly Press-able without me even realising it at the time.  It’s also a nice confidence boost for me as I am far from being an expert at blogging.

I did manage to reply to just about all of the comments I received (at least I hope I have – sorry if I missed any) and now there are a few more coming in.  To avoid repeating myself again, I will just say that in general, e-readers have their practical advantages but ultimately, I don’t believe they will replace books.  I know that lots of bloggers feel very strongly about the value of printed books and given the response that my post generated, it certainly doesn’t look like they will die out any time soon.  That said, there also seems to be a lot of support for e-readers with lots of people admitting they were sceptical about them at first but now enjoy using them.  Moreover, almost all said they still read printed books so there is no need to choose one format exclusively over another.

Many bloggers have pointed out other issues regarding eBooks that I hadn’t even thought about so my original pros and cons list isn’t actually very thorough.  Thank you very much to everyone from American Samoa to Zambia for taking the time to read the post and join the debate. The response has been amazing!


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9 responses to “The Daily Post

  1. Nice to see someone with a blog similar to mine get recognised on not only Freshly Pressed, but also on The Daily Post! Wow! You must be doing something right 🙂


  2. llamadean93



  3. Congrats that is pretty cool!


  4. congrats on both achievements? how did you do it?


  5. Congrats on your recent noteriety on Freshly Pressed. I read your blog and I like it. I am now one of your followers. I like your writing and the way you present material. Good Job.


  6. I’ve added you to my Blogroll and I hope you don’t mind! We have a similar taste in books and I enjoy your informative, well written reviews 🙂 Congratulations on Freshly Pressed & The Daily Post!! Well deserved 🙂


  7. objectpermanenceblog

    Thanks for finding my blog—I’m happy to read yours 🙂

    The e-book/book debate made me think about a great speech I read of Margaret Atwood’s in which she defends both:
    “The best choice for readers is both: e–forms, for rapidity of access, searchability, and portability; and paper forms, for in–depth reading, durability, and tangibility. Most readers want both. And the best choice for booksellers and publishers is to be able to provide both.”


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