Eleanor Catton wins the Man Booker Prize

It has just been announced that Eleanor Catton has won this year’s Man Booker Prize for her novel ‘The Luminaries’.  Not only is she the youngest ever winner of the prestigious prize at the age of just 28, the book is also the longest ever to win at 832 pages.  Her productivity levels are simply incredible – I feel exhausted just thinking about it. A favourite to win the prize alongside ‘Harvest’ by Jim Crace, ‘The Luminaries’ tells the story of Walter Moody, a man aiming to make his fortune in the New Zealand gold rush in the 1860s, who comes across a secret gathering of twelve local men discussing a series of unsolved crimes.  It seems like quite a departure from her first novel ‘The Rehearsal’ which is about the aftermath of an affair between a teacher and a high school student.   I got a copy of ‘The Rehearsal’ signed by Catton at the Booker Prize shortlist readings event on Sunday and will be reading it very soon.  It may take me a while to get round to reading ‘The Luminaries’.  However, I have heard that in spite of its exceptional length and intricate plot, the novel has been widely praised for its readability so I will try not to put it off for too long. Many congratulations to Eleanor and to all of the other shortlisted authors.  I am looking forward to investigating more of the shortlisted and longlisted books in the future.


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10 responses to “Eleanor Catton wins the Man Booker Prize

  1. I’m so glad she won! My money was on The Luminaries right from the start. However I’ve only read one book so far on the shortlist and that was We Need New Names. I liked it but I knew it wouldn’t win. How cool to win the Man Booker at such a young age!


  2. I’m thrilled! I can’t wait to read it!! Well done Eleanor!


  3. Thrilled by this! i have been gunning for her ever since I read the book. Well done Eleanor!


  4. It’s a wonderful book. Am in the middle of reading it. Huge congratulations to Eleanor.


  5. Oh, that’s great news. I can’t wait to read it.


  6. It is truly a much deserved win. It is a long book however once you get to know the characters ( which takes a little while as they are all introduced at once) you are swept along by the force of the narrative. Will be interested to hear what you think of The Rehearsal.


  7. A Fresh Tomorrow

    This book keeps popping up on different book blogs I read. May have to check it out. Good post — I love how you keep up with award winners. Always interesting


  8. A fantastic book and well deserved.


  9. Fictionquest

    I’m a big fan.


  10. Downloaded it on audio, to listen on my drive to work (100 miles one way). Sounds like it will keep me very interested. I’m sad Jhumpa Lahiri didn’t win, but only because it would have been fun to have a Booker winner from my HS in a tiny RI town. SInce she already got us a Pulitzer, I shouldn’t be greedy!


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