Caboodle National Book Tokens Competition

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend and want the chance to win a year’s supply of books (£250 token), why not enter the Caboodle National Book Tokens Competition?  All you have to do is guess the 20 book titles hidden in the pictures below. There are two games to play on the website to double your chances of winning.

I have spent a very lazy Saturday afternoon today solving the clues for both games.  The competition itself is open to UK and Ireland residents only but I thought it was worth sharing on my blog for anyone who love books and quizzes.  The donkey clue was the last one I got in Game A along with the magnifying glass clue in Game B.  There is a real mix of both classics and modern literature in the clues.  The only advice I can give for solving them is to say what you see… good luck and happy quizzing!

EDIT: This year’s 2014 competition can be found here.


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6 responses to “Caboodle National Book Tokens Competition

  1. Love these! There’s still a couple I couldn’t find.


  2. Craig

    Only need one more, the pad with a one on it. Any help?


  3. Craig

    Got it thanks, 2 to get on game B , the magnifying glass and the small soldiers.


  4. Craig

    Got them all now, sorry for all the posts


  5. This is fun! Even though I can’t enter the contest, my boyfriend and I are having fun with trying to guess these.


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