Spine Poetry

I know I’m jumping on the bandwagon a bit late but here is my first attempt at spine poetry.  Now that I have moved back home this week, I have been reunited with my own/family book collection so I can experiment with it properly.

P.S. I will be going into hibernation again for the next few days as I plan to finally start reading ‘1Q84’ by Haruki Murakami…


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15 responses to “Spine Poetry

  1. I haven’t read ‘1Q84’ yet, but I’m looking forward to read how you liked it. I loved everything I read from him so far 🙂


  2. Love the spine poetry 🙂 and look forward to hearing about 1Q84, I might have to read this over the summer, for now I’m reading slim volumes of older publications, everything else a little overwhelming for now.


  3. If you’ve jumped on the spine poetry bandwagon a bit late, then I am living under a rock. I’d never heard of it before…but I am now quite intrigued. Thanks!


  4. I love reading your blog so I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award!


    • A Little Blog of Books and Other Stuff

      Wow, thank you, that’s amazing! I haven’t even been blogging for that long – I feel very honoured!


  5. I’m with Impossible A, I’ve never heard of spine poetry perhaps because I’m a little too used to having a digital copy of everything. It’s is sad but this also means that such an art is dwindling. Spine poetry reminds me of Fridge Magnet poetry, there is even an app for Iphones called Prose With Bros that tickles my funny bone.


  6. Kristy

    I have never heard of spine poetry before either, but I love it! I write poetry myself and I think this is very interesting. I am going to try it out as well!


  7. My first view of spine poetry too. Brilliant.


  8. Never heard of spine poetry before…


  9. The poem is pretty. I should try spine poetry.


  10. Loved this! I popped over from your FP post, intrigued by the phrase which I’d never even heard of before, until that post. There it was, on the left, beckoning me. I’m glad I clicked. 🙂

    I wish I read more. My life is just too full of day-to-day. Oh, to dream of an hour commute every day on a train or bus so I could catch up on my very long reading list… *sigh*


  11. LOVE these lines–especially impressive given the long book titles. Nice!


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  14. I had never heard of spine poetry either! What a great idea. Thanks to sciencelens for pointing me in your direction. Now I can’t look at my book shelf (or DVD shelf for that matter) without trying to wrangle something out of the titles. 🙂


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