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Quiet by Susan Cain

QuietHaving read many positive reviews from other bloggers, I have been intrigued by ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’ by Susan Cain for a long time.  In a world which largely values extroversion and outgoing, gregarious personalities,  it is refreshing to find a book which completely rejects all this.  Introverts of the world will rejoice. Continue reading


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Another Attempt at Spine Poetry

Another Attempt at Spine Poetry

So this isn’t exactly poetry in the traditional sense but it may well be true depending on how you look at it.  You can see my previous attempts at spine poetry here, here and here.

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At Home by Bill Bryson

At HomeThe subtitle of ‘At Home’ by Bill Bryson is ‘A Short History of Private Life’ – in other words, a history of all aspects of domestic life including eating, cleaning and sleeping and so on.  As well as exploring how the modern idea of the home has developed over history both in its architecture and our daily habits, each chapter covers a different room in the house – the kitchen, the dining room, the cellar (even the fusebox) and the stories behind how we live.  ‘At Home’ covers an ambitious amount of history without ever being overwhelming or tedious and Bryson’s characteristically dry humour makes it a thoroughly entertaining read. Continue reading


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Spine Poetry

I know I’m jumping on the bandwagon a bit late but here is my first attempt at spine poetry.  Now that I have moved back home this week, I have been reunited with my own/family book collection so I can experiment with it properly.

P.S. I will be going into hibernation again for the next few days as I plan to finally start reading ‘1Q84’ by Haruki Murakami…


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