New Books Coming Soon in 2014

One of of my reading resolutions this year has been to get through more of the books I already have on my shelves and Kindle.  I have been making some slow and steady progress recently but, as always, I still have my eye on the latest books.  Here are a few I am particularly looking forward to which have not yet been published:

The Paying Guests Frog Music The Silkworm







The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

I really enjoyed  ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling‘ which is the first Cormoran Strike book by Robert Galbraith/J. K. Rowling.  Due out in June, the next volume sees Strike investigate the brutal murder of a novelist called Owen Quine.

The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

Michel Faber was one of my favourite new discoveries last year.  Not only that, but his novels ‘The Crimson Petal and the White‘ and ‘Under the Skin‘ could not have been more different and I am looking forward to reading Faber’s latest novel about a Christian missionary which is expected to be published around November.

Frog Music by Emma Donoghue

Like Michel Faber, the two novels I have read by Donoghue ‘Room‘ and ‘The Sealed Letter‘ could not have been more different. ‘Frog Music’ is set in San Francisco during the 19th century and is about an unsolved murder.  The book will be published at the end of this month.

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

One of my favourite authors has a new novel out in September.  After writing three novels set during the Victorian era and two set during the 1940s, Sarah Waters turns to London in the 1920s where a widow and her spinster daughter are obliged to take in lodgers.

Boyhood Island by Karl Ove Knausgaard

The third volume in Knausgaard’s My Struggle cycle is due out this month.  After the harrowing ‘A Death in the Family‘ and the marginally less intense ‘A Man in Love‘, ‘Boyhood Island’ sees Knausgaard turn to his childhood in the non-linear series of autobiographical novels.

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher by Hilary Mantel

It looks as though the final volume of Mantel’s trilogy of historical novels about the life of Thomas Cromwell won’t be appearing in bookshops any time soon.  However, a new collection of what appears to be more contemporary short stories will be published in September.

Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

I haven’t read any Murakami since devouring all three volumes of ‘1Q84‘ when I finished my undergraduate degree in 2012. Due out in September, ‘Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of Pilgrimage’ is considerably shorter than Murakami’s most recent work but there is little doubt that the story will be as wonderfully weird as the title.

Elite Fighting Forces by Jesse Armstrong

Not much is known about the debut novel by the co-creator of ‘Peep Show’ which is expected to be published in September.  It has been described in The Guardian as a story about “a group of idealistic young people (who) try to stop the war in Bosnia through the power of theatre”. Sounds like quite a departure from Jez and Mark’s flat in Croydon.

What have you been reading recently? Which book releases are you looking forward to the most?


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15 responses to “New Books Coming Soon in 2014

  1. Ooh, new books by Donoghue and Faber! That’s interesting, very interesting! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I also enjoy Sarah Water’s works and really look forward to a story set in the 1920’s…a favorite era.


  3. I’ve read Frog Music this month – it’s an excellent read 🙂


  4. I am going to ask for the new Sarah Waters for my birthday. I love her work so much. My other main temptations will be new novels from David Mitchell and Ian McEwan.


  5. Donoghue, Faber and Murakami – what a year! There’s a new Louisa Young in May – a sequel to My Dear I Wanted to Tell you which I loved. Recently I’ve read Shotgun Lovesongs, much hyped but deservedly so, and Jenny Offill’s long awaited second novel Dept. of Speculation which I enjoyed very much.


  6. You might want to read Courage Consort, a collection of short stories by Michael Faber.

    I just finished reading and will soon review on my blog a Folio long listed first novel by Lea Carpenter entitled “Eleven Days”. A Navy Seal from his Mom’s perspective.


  7. There’s a lot to look forward to! I may start with the Sarah Waters.or the David Mitchell….or….


  8. I love Sarah Waters. I get lost in the worlds she creates. The Mantel book on Thatcher sounds intriguing maybe because she was so despised in my family that a different point of view would be interesting. Although the Court of Henry ViIII and Thatcher’s cabinet might have many similarities!


  9. I’ve been currently reading “A House In The Sky” by Amanda Linhout. Always had an interest in memoirs! Good read though too! Gets your heart pumping. Next up, I have “Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King. Hoping to add on to that list soon.


  10. Cannot wait for the new Murakami! Thank you for reminding me to keep an eye out for it!


  11. What a great list! I’d love to read most of the books you have there. I have The Little Stranger on my shelf and so I’m looking forward to just reading my first Sarah Waters book, but it’s good to know she has another one coming out. I just got an advanced copy of The Quick by Lauren Owen. It’s a debut novel set in Victorian England. I have never heard of the author but she has enthusiastic reviews from Kate Atkinson, Hilary Mantel and Tana French so I’m in!


  12. Great list of books to keep an eye out for this year! Thanks.


  13. I’ve been reading a lot of Indian/Asian origin fiction lately, but of the books in your list, I really am looking forward to Murakami, Donoghue, Sarah Waters, and Hilary Mantel’s books. They all sound really good.


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