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Books I Have Neglected

A little while ago, I wrote a post about the books I will probably never read (unless I break a leg or something, in which case I might give them a try).  I also have a list of other books which have been sitting on my shelves for months or years which I really do plan to read.  My good excuse is that I have been trying to make the most out university libraries which I will only have access to until the end of September so my official reading list and my Kindle have been neglected for a very long time.  My poor excuse is that I am also a pretty terrible procrastinator even when it comes  to getting round to things I enjoy like reading.

Books I Have Neglected

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Capital by John Lanchester


‘Capital’ by John Lanchester is a state-of-the-nation novel which follows the lives of the residents of Pepys Road in London in 2007-2008 just as the financial crisis is beginning to wreak havoc on the world.  The characters come from all walks of life: they include a City banker, a Senegalese footballer, an elderly lady who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, a Pakistani family who own the nearby corner shop and several other characters.  They all begin to receive anonymous postcards with the message ‘We Want What You Have’ written on them.  Why? Continue reading


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